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All pricing plans include Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft license fees

Why do you need a cloud desktop?

The benefits of cloud desktop solution

Collaborate with ease

When all your coworkers are sharing the same virtual cloud machine, it becomes easy to collaborate effectively and perform the tasks in a timely manner.

Worry-free service

You don’t have to upgrade, replace, connect or disconnect the equipment. There is nothing to worry about when you are using our cloud desktop solution.

Work from anywhere

You and your team can work literally from anywhere. Your team member can do the job effectively regardless of the location: office, home or even in the move!

Save money

Forget expensive hardware purchases. Instead, allow your team to use any devices they already have. Your cloud desktop can be accessed using any device: Windows or Mac laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet.

Secure your data

Nothing hurts a business more than a data loss. However, with our cloud desktop solution, all the data is kept in the secure cloud of servers. So, should any device of yours fails, it doesn’t affect your data at all.

Scale as your business grow

There aren’t any ahead payments when using our cloud desktops. Your project needs more users just right now? No problem, you can add any number of them at any time. Also, you can reduce them, if needed, and pay less.

Supported devices

Our cloud desktop solution is compatible with all the devices your team uses.

Windows desktops and notebooks

You can use a native Windows RDP protocol to get connected to your cloud desktop with one click. You don’t have to install any app as you already have RDP client in any Windows version: 10, 8 and 8.1 as well as 7, Vista and XP.

Mac desktops and notebooks

Whatever Mac OS you are using you can install the free Microsoft Remote Desktop app and it will allow you to connect to your cloud desktop in just a couple of clicks.

iPads, iPhones and other iOS devices

Some tasks require your immediate attention. So, you can easily access your cloud desktop on the go using an iPhone or an iPad. Just install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app and perform any task you need as you were using a regular computer.

Android tablets and smartphones

As long as you are running Android OS 4.1 or higher you can install the Microsoft Remote Desktop App directly from Google Play and access your cloud desktop using any Android-powered tablet or smartphone on the go.

Users and counting

Datacenters across the USA

Average networking speed, Mbps

Meet our team

We are a small but passionate team. We’re young and ambitious. We’re performing the best of our abilities. We learn from each other and grow together.

Richard McGregor

Richard McGregor

Chief Network Engineer

  • Management 80%
  • Marketing 85%
  • IT Development 55%
Irene Markova

Irene Markova

Advertising Specialist

  • Marketing 85%
  • PR Management 80%
  • Online Advertising 95%
Johan Ferreira

Johan Ferreira

Support Specialist

  • Network Diagnosis 95%
  • Network Engineering 90%
  • Support Comm. 80%
Ian Kane

Ian Kane

Web Developer

  • Web Design 92%
  • C++ Programming 87%
  • Network Engineering 81%
Maria Rosales

Maria Rosales

Office Assistant

  • Doc. Skills 65%
  • Scheduling 72%
  • Spl. Management 88%
Dmitry Litvin

Dmitry Litvin

Network Engineer

  • Network Management 92%
  • Network Engineering 88%
  • Network Troubleshooting 75%

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